El Paso Texas Mugshot Records and Policies

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Mugshots are an indispensable part of the criminal justice system. In El Paso, Texas, the retention, removal, and accessibility of these records vary. This article will guide you through the procedures and policies related to mugshots in El Paso and how to search for a specific mugshot.

Retention Period for Mugshots

In El Paso, the duration for which mugshots and related records are retained largely depends on the type of offense and the case’s outcome. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Arrest Records: If an arrest doesn’t lead to a conviction, mugshots and related arrest records are retained for 75 years or until the individual’s death, whichever is earlier. In cases where the arrest report lacks adequate information on the case’s outcome, the retention period is 6 months. Source
  • Conviction Records: If an arrest culminates in a conviction, the records, inclusive of mugshots, are retained permanently. Source

It’s vital to understand that these retention durations are pertinent to official records held by law enforcement entities. Nonetheless, mugshots and arrest data might remain accessible on third-party websites or news outlets, even if the official records have been expunged or withdrawn from public viewing.

Procedure for Removing a Mugshot

If you’re seeking to remove a mugshot in El Paso, here are the steps you might need to follow:

  • Determine the Mugshot Source: Identify where your mugshot is displayed, be it a law enforcement agency’s website, a local news outlet, or a third-party website that posts mugshots.
  • Review the Removal Policy: Some platforms have explicit policies about removing mugshots. Always check the terms or directly contact the site’s admin to understand their removal protocol.
  • Expungement or Sealing of Records: With an expunged or sealed arrest record, your case for mugshot removal is strengthened. You’ll need to assemble necessary documentation to demonstrate that your record has been sealed or expunged.
  • Submit a Removal Application: Reach out to the site displaying your mugshot and make a removal request. Furnish any needed documentation and clearly articulate your reasons for the removal request. Be wary of sites that might charge a fee for this service.
  • Follow Up: Persistence pays. If your initial request goes unanswered or gets rejected, consider following up. Always remain respectful in your communications.
  • Legal Consultation: If other steps don’t yield results, consult a lawyer specializing in privacy or defamation law. They might offer added guidance or aid in ensuring your mugshot is removed from the public domain.

Remember, mugshot removal protocols might vary across platforms. Also, removal from one website doesn’t guarantee the image’s absence from other sites or public records.


Where to Find Mugshot Information in El Paso

In case you’re looking for mugshot information in El Paso, several sources can assist:

  • El Paso Mugshot Photos: Features recent arrests by the El Paso police, showcasing mugshots and the associated charges. Source
  • El Paso Arrests and Warrants – Jail Roster Search: A platform to look up arrests and wanted individuals in El Paso. Results encompass arrest records, warrants, and mugshots. Source
  • El Paso County Case Records Search: A portal to access criminal case records and other types like civil, family, and probate in El Paso County. Source
  • News Releases: The official website of El Paso posts news releases, which might also include arrest-related details. Source
  • El Paso County Arrest Records Search: Facilitates a public arrest records search in El Paso County, capturing current and past arrests. Source
  • Wanted Suspects – Crime Stoppers of El Paso: Information about wanted suspects in El Paso can be found here.

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